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Lord Armadale’s Iberian Lady
December 2012
An Imprint of BelleBooks

Even her family’s ball cannot distract Lady Cassandra Eastham from the very serious business of her life.  Secretly, she has assumed her father’s work of translating highly confidential documents in order to hide her father’s illness.  When an important message arrives on the night of the ball, Cassandra, eager to read it, escapes to the secludion of a dark corner.  There she is interrupted by Weston Barrington, the Earl of Armadale and a hero in the Peninsula War, who has only recently returned to England from Portugal.  Although Lord Barrington appears eager to resume the life of a privileged English gentleman, Cassandra instinctively distrusts  him and refuses to be seduced by his blue eyes, or romanced in her late mother’s language – Portuguese.

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