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A Cottage Affair
(A Thrifty Means Sequel)
March 30, 2012
The Wild Rose Press

Small New England towns may bury their dead, but never the past.

With an art scandal threatening her future as a curator, Arden Alexander seeks refuge in the small colonial cottage owned by the women of her family for generations.  But her handsome neighbor won’t let her hide for long.


For years, Alex Wingate has hoped to incorporate the cottage into his plans for an artists’ retreat, and Arden’s arrival is his golden opportunity.  But when they discover some undocumented history about their families and are drawn into a partnership, Alex’s interest in Arden soon extends to much more than her property.

Before long, someone else finds the contents of the cabin too tempting to resist, and Arden and Alex realize they are fighting for their future as well as their history.  As they uncover the past, can they also find the truth about themselves and their growing love?

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