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Thank you for visiting my website, and for your interest in historical and contemporary romance novels.  As both a reader and a writer for many years, I’ve always appreciated the support of our large community, defining what might be a solitary profession in other literary genres as a lively and very social one in romance.


All of us carry the seeds of inspiration that might be nurtured into a manuscript.  The circumstances of our own lives and those of our friends, the events in the news, the vividness of dreams and nightmares are all capable of planting that seed.  What motivated a character’s course of action in 1815 might not be that different from what we encounter in 2015.  Therefore, when you read my books, I hope that you might recognize some part of yourself within the pages and enjoy a narrative that takes you to a place you might never visit, and yet feels familiar and welcoming.


Most of my books take place during the splendid period of the Regency, when manners and mores provided a model of propriety that would be shattered in most relationships in our contemporary world. The men and women of the Regency dared a great deal in their time as well.

I also offer to you two contemporary romances, loosely based on my experiences at a small town shop full of treasures and antiques. As improbable as some of the events there may seem, the one hundred and fifty women with whom I volunteer would argue that they may seem improbable, but could have happened, all the same.




                          Sharon Sobel

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